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Would you board a bus if you didn't know here it was going

It is not often that I come across a family business where the family leader and family members can articulate or paint a picture of what the vision of the future looks like. If your family business where a bus what would the destination say? Why would anyone get on board?
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Refreshing to be involved with a generation of young professionals and entrepreneurs

I get great delight in mentoring young executives. Next generation family members don't always have to work in the family firm. Some will take flight and go elsewhere and are successful in their own right. That is why many young Irish born people end up in Australia.
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Families in business often create a culture that includes employees as extended family members

Business is about people doing business with people. In a family business, your success is often driven by how you communicate with all employees and the trust you build and develop through interpersonal relationships
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In a private company someone has to lead and someone has to manage

Selecting a family member from siblings to be the leader in a family business must be based on merit and recognised leadership skills. It has nothing to do with education, age or gender. It's all about who can lead the business and the staff to an agreed future vision.
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You can throw the next generation into the deep end. You must be there to pull them out if needed

I often come across siblings in family business who say their parents still treat them as if they are school kids. They cannot learn if they are not given responsibility or a chance to have a go.
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Emotional Intelligence in family business. Changing leadership styles in 2017

The old days of command and control by the head or founder in a family business should be dead and buried in 2017
Every one is now talking about Emotional Intelligence as the most effective leadership attribute. So what does IE really mean for families in business? Is it just a new business buzz word?
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Our national food value chain is reliant on many families in business

One of the most misunderstood segments of our economy is Agribusiness and the value of our food supply chain. All keep together by a series of dedicated families in business at every touch point from farm to plate. No families no food.
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Succession in a family business is all about robust conversations

The ability to have robust and honest and conversations is a common problem for most families when it involves a family business especially when it relates to leadership and ownership succession.
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Families in business rise and fall on the quality of leadership at the top

Without effective and decisive leadership from the family hierarchy the next generation are confused, frustrated and end up being mentally stressed.
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Could your family members and employees tell me where you and your business are heading in the future?

Every time I interview staff members in a family business and ask where the business is heading and what does the owner's future vision look like, I generally get a blank look and a littleresponse.
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