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About Bill Winter

I don't tell anyone how to run their business, or what products and services they should offer. I add value by facilitating family conversations, enabling all family members to be involved and listening to everyone's point of view.  The published research shows that very few families in business have robust and honest conversation with each other.

During my time in business, I have made mistakes and also experienced both good and great times as an owner and CEO. 

As we race through 2018, family succession issues have been identified as the most important barrier to overcome.  Having been there myself I understand the internal emotions that run across all generations of family members and the importance of family conversations with all family members.

Following years working as a business owner, CEO and senior consultant in a variety of business environments, my challenge now is to add value to families who have more than one generation working internally.  

I have been interim CEO of subsidiaries of listed companies, facilitated company board strategic planning workshops, facilitated board working sessions on business strategy for family business and NFPs, been a board advisory member of family owned companies and board member in industries such as health, food business and agribusiness, engineering, construction and transport.

I have volunteered as the  Chairman the Enterprise Geelong Advisory Board, as a member of the Horsham Hospital board, board member of the G21 Agribusiness Forum and been listed on the mentor's panel at the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

I  currently chair of a Hroizons Irish executive leadership forum for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce. 

I rely on my business and personal experiences, hard earned knowledge and people insights to add value to others. I don't always get it right, however, I know that success is determined by a desire to bring about change by all.

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