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About Bill Winter

My value to organisations is to coach and mentor the company's leaders by working with business owners, next generation leaders and senior individuals to prepare the business for the change in generational leadership. I ensure the emotional fabric of the family in business is carefully handled and recognised. 

 Together, our objective will be to support change which will improve their decision making, especially when it comes to meeting resistance, managing people, and moving  a higher level of performance.

"Working with Bill, I have made some significant changes to the way I operate within my business. I have a new enthusiasm for work and have the confidence to work on doubling the business over the next three year. I am no longer tied to the day-to-day routine tasks."  FA, Owner / director National Transport Co.

During my time in business I have made mistakes and also experienced both good and great times in a variety of business segments and every individual and organisation are different. It's all about the individual and not the coach/mentor.

"Bill is someone I can contact at anytime to test my ideas. I know he will throw up practical and workable options to consider. He challenges me and I trust him and his confidentiality."  GW, International Training Co

As we race through 2018, leadership and  succession/transition issues have been identified as important barriers to overcome.  Having been there myself  in our family business, I understand the internal emotions that run across all generations of family members and the importance of family conversations with all family members.

Most of my work is in assisting to resolve family conflict, ensuring there is a clarity of roles, getting agreement on the rules regarding individual behaviours and improving family communication. 

The insight I bring to families in business is due to years working as a business owner, CEO and senior consultant in a variety of business environments. The challenge is to add value to leaders in family companies who have more than one generation working in or owning the business.

I have been interim CEO of subsidiaries of listed companies, facilitated company board strategic planning workshops, facilitated board working sessions on business strategy for family business and NFPs, been a board advisory member of family owned companies and board member in industries such as health, food business and agribusiness, engineering, construction and transport.

"During my management studies we were taught that a coach /mentor is someone who has the ability to inspire people, coach people, and help take them places that one would not dare to go on their own. You have enabled to go a place in leadership I never thought of before."  MP, CFO, Listed Company subsidiary

I rely on my business and personal experiences, knowledge, hard earned knowledge and people insights to add value to others. I don't always get it right, however, I know that success is determined by a desire to bring about change though individual effort.

"Thank you for all you have done for me and for believing in me. For the opportunities and the guidance and direction.. You have been a great mentor and advisor." LD, Auto Industry executive.

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