A new award winning family business started by an Irish backpacker who came here in 2011

In 2018 the State Governments are throwing money at tech startups. Nothing to traditional businesses who are actually employing 1000's of Australians.

Here is a husband and wife team who have done it on their own without any grants and not taking the easy money from Governments

We often only hear about family business that have been in existence for many years and into the second or third generation. 32 year old Andrew and Denise Harte's business is only about seven years old. In October they won the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce national small business award.

They arrived here in 2011 when the Irish economy hit the wall and took any job they could find as a labourer and a carer (Denise was waiting to get her nursing registration). Andrew, a civil engineer, decide to start his own small labour hire business from their one bedroom flat with a single computer and printer.

In 2108 they have 150+ employees and heading toward $30 million turnover with four segments to their business related to construction and civil. Andrew and Denise have also managed to but their own office in Coburg Victoria. 

Their business is based on a positive attitude among the staff with a focus on internal culture, training and communication. It will be interesting to see how they handle the transition from small business to large small business. In my experience in working with company founders, the inability to let go and delegate stops the business going from good to very good.


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