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Can your employees explain what your strategy is to get to your future vision?

I often ask employees to describe their company's strategy to achieve the company vision . I usually get blank looks and a mixed response that has no continuity across the business. Sometimes they don't know what I mean by company vision.

This is a sure sign of a top down driven culture and managers wonder why they are not getting buy in on reaching their objectives. Too many times I hear management make comments about front line staff, production employees and administration employees that shows no respect for the intelligence of their people. I often wonder why this is so. Employees who work for you achieve amazing things in their private lives and are involved in a variety of community activity that requires passion, dedication, a willingness to put in , strong leadership and problem solving skills. Yet when they come to work many managers assume that they have left their brains at home.

It is managers who have actually left their brains at home and turn into control freaks and suppress any initiative that is in any employee who is waiting to be asked for their opinion. Your employees have the answer for many of your workplace issues.

Engage them, communicate with them , ask for feedback, create a environment of trust, listen and acknowledge their input and finally thank them for being interested and involved. If you are not prepared to embrace a culture of collaboration you will get the results you deserve and that will not be positive.

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