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Can your employees explain what your strategy is to get to your future vision?

If your employees were interviewed and asked to explain your future vision and the strategy in place to get there what would the the answer be ?
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Why do so many companies fail to get their internal culture right?

Internal Culture
Turf wars and silos exist in most businesses I have worked in over the years and it is my single biggest frustration and is the primary cause in killing the ability to build a pervasive culture that is positive, your culture should be the internal glue that leads to success.
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The internal culture in family and private owned companies is the glue that brings sustainable success

As I move about and work with families in business and other private business operators I see a diverse range of internal business cultures within many of them. There is such a disparity between those who have got it right and those who fail to understand what is really going on in their business with their people. It’s been the greatest challenge of my advisory work in this segment and the most rewarding when we get it right and everyone embraces change
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