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Time to focus on the ability of Small to Medium Enterprises who are the engine room in our economy

Head in Sand.
I am becoming increasingly concerned with all the talk about the need to invest $ millions in retraining for those who are coming out of industry segments that are in decline. What about investing in the skills of small to medium business owners who will be ones who are in a position to to employ more people in the future.

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Yes, maybe I am paranoid about baby boomers being told that they are out of touch

Generation Gap
In recent time I have been reading many tweets and articles in the Geelong press that are shouting that the city needs to ‘Get rid of the old and in with the new’ when it comes to who can set a future direction for the region. I suggest that all generations have a lot to learn from working together and sharing their knowledge, experience and desire for the future that improves the quality of life for all. No one age group has a mortgage on smart ideas.
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Who has time for work life balance ?

Work life balance
Work life balance is an issue that has been thrown around for a while now and while chairing a recent meeting of company and NFP directors it became a dominate theme for those in the group when I asked them how they would measure success in 2014. Interestingly they were more concerned about their personal well being first and getting that right.
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