Decision making is less stressful when you have a trusted mentor to use as a sounding board

Take the young person in the photo. There is no way they would attempt to climb this wall on his own. However, knowing that she has support and someone watching and advising her, gives her the confidence to just go ahead without fear. 

As the nominated leader of a family business, who is your support who can challenge your thinking and make suggestions regarding viable options for you to consider? Leading a business can lead to isolation and no one achieves success working on their own.

We all know a family business where the decisions are made by one family member and they are not open to outside opinion or are they willing to engage with next generation family members. It's their way or no way. One can only hope that the next generation in such a family business are more inclusive and willing to engage with others to build a better business for the employees, the family and the clients.

If this is your family business, call me for a non obligation conversation about the issues that are causing you to lose sleep at night.

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