Emotional Intelligence in family business. Changing leadership styles in 2017

I was bought up in a family business where our father was a control and command leader. Or so I thought at the time. When I reflect back I recognise that it was the 1960's and that was just the way it was. For him it was a belief that unless you were working ten plus hours a day you were not putting in. However he left school at 14 and only knew one way. 

In 2017  the world has changed ( mostly for the better). Strong and effective leadership requires a different approach to win the hearts and minds of the next generation in a family business and of all your employees.

Emotional intelligence and leadership to me is not rocket science, it's just a case of having your antenna up at all times and being cognisant of the emotions of those around you and having an awareness that all individuals are not the same. It is also understanding and awareness of your own ability to be adaptable in all situations.

You never have to compromise your values or principles and, at times, you must be able to make the tough decisions regardless of the individual emotions. In a business your survival depends on the sustainability of the business. The success of the business provides the income and wealth for the extended family and the business has to come first.

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