If your family members don't know what your future Vision looks like, how will you achieve it?

I don't believe I have every come across a business, especially a family business, where all owners or stakeholders can tell me exactly what the vision or purpose of the business is into the future. In fact it's hard to find anyone who can articulate a picture of what the future vision looks like.

No wonder individuals go off on a tangent doing their way and end up wasting time, effort and money as they go in different directions. If you ask family business members or employees , you will get many different answers.

It's a bit like building a house without a final drawing of the finished product or not having a set of plans. You might get something suitable in the end but many people will have been totally frustrated in the process. Just image how your clients feel if they sense that there is no direction.

Have the conversations , agree on a vision that make sense and get everyone on board and heading in the same direction.

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