It's too late when a sudden illness takes over all the emotion in a family business

A recent first hand experience with prostate cancer has caused me to reflect on what can happen in a family business when one of the founders is diagnosed with cancer. If you can detect issues early, you can plan and get on with having treatment.

I also remember our own father who was the sole owner of our family business died and did not have any plan in place. He must have known something was not right yet choose to ignore the need to have early checks. So his cancer spread as result.

I have many stories of family leaders dying suddenly or having a stoke and becoming incapacitated. 

Males are notorious  for not having regular medical checks and/or ignoring early warning signs. There are always early warning signs. It's just that people ignore them and brush them off as nothing to worry about. 

Does you family ask these question of the male members.

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