Refreshing to be involved with a generation of young professionals and entrepreneurs

Over the last five years I have been involved with mentoring and chairing a young executives forum for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce. Along with others, we do this Pro-Bono because we want to give value to the next generation.

Last Friday in Sydney we witnessed the very best of emerging talent and young people with determination to be successful in what they do. As chair of the judging panel for the National Irish Australian Chamber's business awards the panel and I  made the difficult decision in chosing a winner in each category.

 The quality of the young professionals and entrepreneurs was outstanding.

All of the finalists had, as some stage, left Ireland and took off to Australia. Some as backpackers and some because Ireland was hit hard in the economic downturn. They left family and friends behind not knowing what lay ahead. Some have overcome hardship and setbacks along the way.

The many finalists have all found a new life and have great jobs or have started successful businesses.

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