Some next generation members of family companies cry 'poor me' when things don't go their way

When a next generation sibling is allowed to take advantage of their position as the son or daughter of an owner in a family business I know  that the business will suffer a decline in the future. 

There is nothing more soul destroying for all employees, especially when they know the Golden Child is never held to account. It has a detrimental effect on the internal culture of a business and results in a loss of productivity across all sections of the business.

The Golden Child is the one who turns up to work after everyone else,  they disappear at various times of the day, they never work back when the pressure is on and they don't follow the company rules and protocols that apply to all other non-family members. It is also normal for such companies to have a high churn rate of employees who leave in frustration.

Family members need to be employed as if they are external appointments. Apply and have an interview, have a formal position description, have KPIs and targets to achieve and  under go regular performance reviews as per other employees by a manager to whom they report.

Note: I have used this copy in an previous post titled Golden Child 

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