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Success of any organisation always reflects back to leadership


This month the theme for a group of emerging Irish born leaders that I chair in Melbourne is leadership.

I saw some recent research that suggested that four out of five executives were dissatisfied with the the leadership in their organisation and I often hear that most people leave an organisation due to the performance of their immediate supervisor. There have been many books and articles written on the subject of leadership over the years and everyone I meet has an opinion on leadership. They also are quick to tell you about the terrible bosses that have worked for.

If its so important, why do we have so many who are not up to the task ?

Often I suspect that poor leadership is a result that many are promoted to a leadership position due to the fact that they are good at their current job. The article below is one worth reading to stimulate discussion as we need to keep having robust discussion on this topic particularly as our next generation of leaders are faced with a fast moving world where change is constant.


Leadership development should be a continuous learning objective for everyone because at some stage in our life we will be called on to lead in any situation.

Leading an organisation is like being the conductor of an orchestra, the music is not sweet unless all the parts are working in harmony.

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