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While Holden Dominates the Headlines – Who is working with SMEs ?

Hug a small business owner image due to Holden

As reality sets in and the press is dominated by the Holden issue, journalists from all organisations trying to blame anyone that suits their cause, its hard to get some clean air. No one is talking about the fact that it be Small to Medium Enterprise who will be there for displaced employees from companies such as Ford and Holden. The fact is, current auto employees will go in different directions when the time comes. Some will retire, some will find a job using their existing skills, some will find new employment requiring new skills, some will start a business, some will buy a franchise and some will unfortunately end up on welfare and suffer mental health problems and be unable to restart. Governments will begin to ramp up programs and training without first properly thinking through where the future jobs might be.

The business landscape for SMEs has to be addressed to ensure it is fair and equitable and that employing people is not a burden and bogged down in red tape by Government at all levels. Image what $500 million could do for innovative private businesses where the workplace culture is one of trust, a willingness to hard work to get a result and everyone share in the rewards. Rather than give billions of dollars to two or three companies that are controlled in a head office in the USA.

The world is changing at a fast rate that means that most of the jobs in the future have not been identified yet and no one can assume that what we have today is what will be the norm in the future.

Finally, we had better start by looking how we educate future generations in our schools to make students employable when they leave.

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