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Who has time for work life balance ?

Work life balance

Work life balance is an issue that has been thrown around for a while now and while chairing a recent meeting of company and NFP directors it became a dominate theme for those in the group when I asked them how they would measure success in 2014. Interestingly they were more concerned about their personal well being first and getting that right.

The group was made up of forty years plus. Ten years ago I would not have received the same response from a similar group of CEOs

Thousands of words have been published on this subject and many companies listed as the best to work for seem to have a handle on it. Many corporate entities also say they see work life balance as a key motivator in their workplace but often fail to follow through at the coal face.

However , in my experience it is also the responsibility of the individual. Young rising stars in businesses are often caught between the need to complete their work or meet their manager’s expectations be it fair or not. In today’s past paced and ever changing environment the most important need is to be at home when it counts. Flexibility is the key to this by both the employer and the employee.

No one size fits all but for those who get it right, it results in a more productive work environment. We all would like a great team spirit, reduced stress in the workplace ( which is rising rapidly ) and less absenteeism. I recently saw a business that had ten employees not turn up to work on a Monday, the cost of this on a regular basis is huge.

Finally I wonder if this describes you and your ability to work with a balance in your life. ” I get up and go the work in the dark and I get home from work in the dark the kids are already in bed ” Poor kids !

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