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Why do so many companies fail to get their internal culture right?

Internal Culture

Turf wars and silos exist in most businesses I have worked in over the years and it is my single biggest frustration and is the primary cause in killing the ability to build a pervasive culture that is positive, your culture should be the internal glue that leads to success.

This morning I facilitated a forum with a group of young talented middle management executives from a variety of companies and there were some common themes. All had stories to tell of good and bad experiences when working in companies in Australia and overseas. The negative experiences were all related to the inability of business managers and owners to fail to communicate on a regular basis and lack of a vision that is shared and believable. Many spoke of a vision that was developed by people in suits on a company strategy day and then force feed to the troops and written on the walls but had no follow through across all areas of the business. Zero communication and feedback.

If this is so common, why do so many get it wrong ? Turf wars, internal politics silos and egos !

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