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Yes, maybe I am paranoid about baby boomers being told that they are out of touch

Generation Gap

In recent time I have been reading many tweets and articles in the Geelong press that are shouting that the city needs to ‘Get rid of the old and in with the new’ when it comes to who can set a future direction for the region. I suggest that all generations have a lot to learn from working together and sharing their knowledge, experience and desire for the future that improves the quality of life for all. No one age group has a mortgage on smart ideas.

My work in Geelong includes both paid and pro bono activity and touches a variety of organisations, occupations, people and ideas. I am encouraged by the diversity of thinking and single minded vision to do better from year ten students through to the oldest members of community groups such as Rotary, Lions etc . And there are some things I hear and see within that diversity of thinking that I also do not agree with, but that is why we must respect that everyone has the right to express their point of view and be heard.

A city such as Geelong which has set a new direction for the future will be best served if we do not allow silos, turf wars and politics to develop and that all groups and ages accept that working together and listening to each other can achieve great outcomes

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