You can throw the next generation into the deep end. You must be there to pull them out if needed

If you cannot given your family members a chance to take on responsibility and let them make mistakes they will end up in a stressed state.

This is a very good reason why next generation family members need to get away from the family business and work outside in a couple of other businesses for a while. Often parents are too protective of their children and tend to keep making decision for them and never let them have command of what they do. They are are overly protective and we end up with what I call Golden Children.

On the other hand some parents are unreasonably too tough and cause all sorts of stress and conflict for those who are at the receiving end . This stress is usually felt most within the next generation's marriage. The daughter-in-law or son-in-law is then is a no-win situation when they protest that their partner is being treated unfairly.

I have seen  first hand the reaction of parents in a family business when an in-law complains. Its not acceptable behaviour. In fact, its is bullying of the very worst kind.

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