Award winning success story for young Irish born female entrepreneur


The following are some comments from Sinead's entry to the IACC business awards where she won the young entrepreneur section.

Since inception , I have been met with a number of challenges. Initially an early investor dropped out at an early stage after we left our full-time employment and therefore a pile of expenses and no working capital was confronting challenge.

Then one of two co-founders decided to exit the business due to personal reasons, leaving Sinead with a huge workload. Managing clients and six staff eventually her health caused her to take time out of the business. All this without any formal management experience or training which forced her to learn very quickly.

In two years Sinead has overcome unforseen setback and survived. She created a well-known brand that attracts quality employees. Is profitable, has excellent clients and a culture of looking after existing and new clients.

Over this short period Lotus people has won nine key small business awards.

 A talented young woman who left Ireland on her own and has achieved success in a very short time span.