A Successful Geelong Family In Business Embracing Change

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Client: Lyons Construction
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Lyons constructions has been operating since 1929 and has been in the same family over that time. Norm Lyons is the current chairman and owner and the business is Geelong's largest and oldest Construction Company which specialises in medium to large scale commercial building projects with an enviable reputation earned over many years, built on performance, integrity and experience.

The team is comprised of a large number of passionate, dedicated, creative and skilled employees who are committed to providing the best possible service and product,which makes them stand out from the rest. Norm is not prepared to rest on past history and has just commenced a full review of the company and looking to find the right business model to meet the challenges the company faces beyond 2014.

Geelong and the G21 region is on the path of expansion leading to building a sustainable future which also brings new competition from Melbourne who also see opportunities to find new business. 

This is why Lyons Construction is not content to stand still and be passed by competitors. They will be a part of Geelong's future thanks to some innovative thinking.