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Owned by two sisters, Theresa and Kim, Luv a Duck is a great family owned national business breeding, growing and processing thousands of ducks every week located half way between Melbourne and Adelaide 450 kilometers in distance within the Wimmera. They have sales and admin teams based in Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

The business was started by their father forty years ago with twenty ducklings in his back yard and over the years went through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Their father died five years ago and since then the sisters have doubled the size of the business and rebuild a modern and world's best practice facility in Nhill. 

They have a formal board with an external director and have worked hard at implementing policies, procedures and processes that equal the best in the poultry industry, they travel regularly to see what others are doing , they are innovators , they have robust financial systems and reports and a strategy for future growth.

The first of the next generation is now starting in the business and completing an internal cadet ship finishing with more formal qualifications combined with the work experience. The younger family members are invited to attend the board meetings on occasions and are being keep informed on the future vision for the business.

Their key business driver for success is their approach to innovation in new product development combined with a strategic marketing plan.